Parkview Cluster Foundation
Grant Award Principles

In making awards, the PCF will adhere to these principles:

  1. In making its awards, the PCF does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, age gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  2. Requests for unique or innovative projects where no other funding is available are preferred.
  3. Grants that entitle the recipient to obtain matching funds are preferred.
  4. Grants will not be made if they create a continuing obligation on the part of the PCF.
  5. In awarding grants, the Parkview Cluster Foundation will strive to achieve an equitable disbursement of funds to the six schools in the Cluster. To accomplish that goal, grant awards from undesignated funds will generally be allocated in accordance with the following percentages:
  • Parkview High School 30%
  • Trickum Middle School 30%
  • Arcado Elementary School 10%
  • Camp Creek Elementary School 10%
  • Knight Elementary School 10%
  • Mountain Park Elementary School 10%

Funds specifically designated to a particular school will not be included as part of those percentage nor will they be considered in making grant awards from undesignated funds.

  1. Any property purchased as part of the grant award, such as books, DVDs, etc., will remain with the school where the program is based, subject to acceptance by the school.
  2. Grant award recipients are required to:
  • Complete an application and provide supporting documents as requested by the PCF;
  • Agree to spend the grant award funds consistent with the application and conditions imposed by the PCF;
  • Complete and submit an end of program report in a timely fashion;
  • Permit the PCF to publicize the award, activity and recipient(s.)

Parkview Cluster Schools: Parkview High School, Trickum Middle School, Arcado Elementary School, Camp Creek Elementary School, Knight Elementary School and Mountain Park Elementary School.

Award Guidelines

The PCF does not provide funds to athletic programs.

The PCF does not provide scholarships for individuals to attend college or technical schools. However, the PCF will accept and administer dedicated funds for such purposes, if requested to do so by a donor.

The PCF may award grants to students and faculty to attend specific events, seminars, conferences workshops and training, but not for classes and programs that are included in a Degree program for which a teacher or administrator is seeking a certification or advanced degree.

Unrestricted gifts are preferred. However, the PCF will accept gifts for a specific purpose, program, school or grade.