2019 Parkview Cluster Grant Application Information

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Grant Application PowerPoint

The Parkview Cluster Grant Selection Committee is delighted to present this application for grants funded by the Parkview Cluster Foundation.

The Parkview Cluster Foundation’s grants are made possible by a partnership between our cluster schools and the parents, businesses, and residents of the Parkview community. The goals of the grant awards are to promote academic enrichment, growth, and excellence for the Parkview Cluster’s students and schools. Foundation grants support educational needs that provide for advancement and distinction for our cluster schools when other funds may not be available.

Parkview Cluster Schools: Parkview High School, Trickum Middle School, Arcado Elementary School, Camp Creek Elementary School, Knight Elementary School and Mountain Park Elementary School.

Selection of a grant recipient is based on overall quality, development, and educational value/benefit of one’s grant request. As you contemplate your request, please consider the following: innovation, benefit to student, benefit to cluster, and cost benefit/impact ratio.

Submit pages 2-4 of this grant application document to your principal or the designated person in your school by the grant deadline.

Deadline for submission of grant application form is Thursday, September 5th, 20119 at 12 noon. The grants will be picked up from your school at noon. No exceptions. Grant awards will be announced in later that month, and grant award funds will be promptly distributed.

Please email the committee at Deirdre.hill@comcast.net if you have questions regarding the grant application process.

We look forward to receiving your requests and to your implementation of these funds towards the building of an even stronger Parkview Cluster.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the families of the Parkview Cluster.

2018-19 Grant Selection Committee

Deirdre Hill

Cara Sullivan

Connie Sanford

Cindy Wang

David Will